7thSense to support Bill Viola Exhibition with LA Phil at Disney Concert Hall

World-renowned sound and video media artist, Bill Viola, will have his ‘Inverted Birth’ performance powered by a loaned 7thSense Design Delta Nano, to be experienced in conjunction with Mozart and Pärt: The Angels at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles from 26-27 May 2016.

7thSense to support Bill Viola Exhibition with LA Phil at Disney Concert Hall Image

This will be the first time Inverted Birth has been shown in Los Angeles. The installation features digital projection onto a large vertical screen anchored to the floor and depicts the five stages of awakening through a series of violent transformations.

Having previously used 7thSense Media Serving systems to deliver high quality imagery in presenting these unique experiences, Viola and integration partner Associates in Media Engineering will once more be using 7thSense technology within the art for the highest quality, uncompressed visual display.

The special event, where the LA Philharmonic Orchestra performs music from Wolfgang Mozart and Arvo Pärt, is on for two nights only, from Thursday 26th to Friday 27th May 2016.

About Bill Viola
Viola’s video pieces masterfully utilise sophisticated media technologies while exploring the spiritual and perceptual side of human experience, focusing on universal human themes–birth, death, the unfolding of consciousness–and have roots in both Eastern and Western art as well as the spiritual traditions of Zen Buddhism, Chinese Taoism, Islamic Sufism, and Christian mysticism. Viola’s work resonates with a broad range of people, communicating across geography, culture, and language.

For 40 years he has created architectural video installations, video films, sound environments, electronic music performances, flat panel video pieces, and works for television broadcast as well as music concerts, opera, and sacred spaces. His works are exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and are found in many distinguished collections.