Web Interface Add-On Modules

Stack is our web-browser based User Interface that allows full interaction with a network of Delta Media Servers and associated resources. Stack is installed on all Delta servers along with a series of core modules. Additional Stack modules can be added in including Digital Signage and Closed Captioning solutions, as well as dynamic content such as RSS or Twitter Feeds.

The core modules for Delta Media Server provide functionality to remotely control the day-to-day operation of a typical Delta installation. An extensible API and SDK is also available for more advanced use by developers to create more complex interactive projects.

Dynamic content modules enable real-time content to be used within your media shows, whilst the content management modules enable full customisation of your displays.

Stack enables you to tap into any Delta Media Server on your network to:

  • view server status
  • load a show (from those available)
  • start, stop and monitor running sequences
  • monitor all timelines and control play state
  • view markers and move the play head to markers
  • work with a flexible, simple, drag-and-drop user interface designer for tablets and touchscreens
  • benefit from a comprehensive scheduling system to trigger sequences of actions at pre-defined times, dates and intervals
  • have individual control of timelines, start/stop of sequences, navigation between markers and loading show files
  • monitor server status information including OS level statistics such as free disk space and network interfaces
  • implement user authentication to prevent unauthorised access

Five core modules are included with the installation on every Delta Media Server.

1. Overview

The Overview module reveals the health and activity of all Delta servers on the network, with immediate top-level information. Each can be expanded into its full status and profile, including channel configurations and live previews of currently-running shows.

2. Backup and Restore

Create named, compressed backups, and restore any server, selecting what to include. An activity monitor shows progress, and completed elements.

3. Designer

The Designer module offers a variety of drag-and-drop widgets, effects and simple text-based coding to allow you to create a bespoke user interface for remote show control from touchscreen devices.

4. Scheduler

Our flexible scheduling capability allows sequences to be scheduled and repeatedly run in accordance with show requirements.

5. Developer

  • Fully documented HTTP API for discovering and interacting with Delta Media Servers over the local network
  • A PHP SDK library to integrate control of Delta Media Server directly into PHP applications with hosting capabilities on the server
  • Add-on framework for developing fully customisable web extensions including user interfaces and interactive web resources