We design, manufacture and distribute our entire range of hardware and software products and so can support, guide and help you through many stages of your project and with any questions you may have.

We always build our products to order, and to specification. Often designing new or custom features to meet the specific needs of a project or client.
Please contact us to discuss any custom features you need for a project, or to see how we can become involved in the design of an installation – no matter how small.


All of our products are available for short-term or long-term rental, whether for a temporary project or installation need, a travelling installation, demonstration or special event.

Please contact us to learn more about our training programs, upcoming training events, or to request a bespoke solution for your team.


With offices in the UK and North America, our experienced team has been providing training to integrators, resellers and end-users for many years.

We offer free training at our own offices in the UK and US, on a one-to-one or group basis, and often host training events with tailored training according to requirements. We can also offer on-site training at the customer facility, on a day rate + expenses basis, if required.

Our introductory training covers all the basics including: getting to grips with setting up your Delta Media Server and displays; locating and ingesting media; show creation; warp and blend; trouble-shooting; and a range of other features to get you started. We usually suggest that trainees join us for 2 days initially, to enable them to benefit fully from trainer input and practice with the system, with our expert team to hand.

We also offer more advanced training for Mesh, Composition and Dome Modes, as well as tailored training for our Stack modules or other functionality as required. Users are welcome, and encouraged, to come back to us for refresher training if they have not used the system for a while or to see what’s new!

We have a large and continually expanding network of video training, manuals, user-guides and tutorials on our Support Portal, and a great team of engineers that will happily guide you through any immediate question or need that you may have.