Rolling Stones Exhibitionism is on the move again… soon to open in Nashville from March 29th

This will be the final stop in The Rolling Stones Exhibit’s U.S. tour and its first and only stop in the Southeast US region.

The Music City engagement follows The Rolling Stones Exhibit’s global premiere in London, its star-studded U.S. premiere in NYC, and limited engagement stops in Chicago and Las Vegas, all of which garnered rave reviews and drew huge crowds of music, art and fashion lovers. The Rolling Stones Exhibit is the largest touring experience of its kind ever to be staged, and the first time in history the band has personally unlocked their vast private archive exploring the very beginning of their history to the Stones’ superstardom of today.

Project Details

It features  AV systems integration from Electrosonic across its nine galleries – each with innovative audiovisual technologies – including nearly 70 screens, stunning projection and a powerful audio system.

The Rolling Stones’ iconic tongue and lips logo is recreated into a 2.5m wide, three-dimensional model for a projection mapped presentation. The giant sculpture, created by Paragon Creative is transformed into an entrancing display of flags and mesmerising colours and images. Four Panasonic 3000-lumen Solid Shine projectors and one 6500-lumen single-chip projector are required to give complete coverage of the model, along with a 6-channel Delta Infinity server.

The exhibition ends with a recreation of the band’s backstage environment which then leads visitors into a highly immersive 3D experience. Visitors are engulfed with excitement as they see the Rolling Stones perform ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ live at Hyde Park. The 3D, never seen before show, makes visitors feel as though they are in the audience watching the Stones perform, making for an impressive climax to the exhibition.

The 3D production is run from a Delta Nucleus server and utilises 3-chip, 12,000-lumen DLP projectors from Panasonic.

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