Rolling Stones Exhibitionism Debuts in NYC – Installation by Electrosinic featuring Delta Nucleus Media Server

On November 12th, Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones, delivered by DHL, made its North American debut in New York City, at the iconic Industria in the West Village, with the U.S. dates proudly sponsored by Jackson. This interactive & immersive music exhibition features over 500 rare and personal items of the Rolling Stones, detailing their creative lives across 9 galleries spanning fashion, film, recording and art.

The experience was recently relocated across the Atlantic from London and is open until March 12th at this new temporary touring home.

The Rolling Stones’ Exhibitionism is claimed to be the largest touring exhibition of its kind ever to be staged by any band or artist, as well as the band’s first ever major exhibition. It features  AV systems integration from Electronic across its nine galleries – each with innovative audiovisual technologies – including nearly 70 screens, stunning projection and a powerful audio system.

The 3D production is run from a 7thSense Delta Nucleus media server and utilises 3-chip, 12,000-lumen DLP projectors from Panasonic, fitted with polarising filters and mounted in a custom rigging frame to allow double stacking. The polarisation preserving screen is from Harkness Hall; viewing glasses are from RealD.

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