Proudly Sponsoring USITT’s 2019 Digital Media Symposium

Use coupon code 7thSenseUSITT for $50.00 off the registration fee

We are excited to be sponsoring the first Digital Media Symposium hosted by USITT in association with LUMA, America’s premier projection design arts festival, to be held September 4-6 2019, in Binghamton, NY.

The symposium is being held in association with LUMA, America’s premier projection design arts festival.

Digital media giants Ana Herruzo and Finn Ross headline the symposium which also features two days of education, conversation, and exciting interactions with the technology and people that make up the art of digital media.

Ana Herruzo’s keynote starts the morning on Thursday, focusing on her world of video, projection, and programming design and it concludes with a sponsor-driven session before lunch. A full afternoon of content follows, includes two USITT Digital Media Commission-curated workshops Dig Deep – An In-Depth Look at Creating Content for Projection Mapping and the Live Events Industry and, A 3D World…A Deep Dive into Content Design for 3D Surfaces.

Day 2 of the symposium will see an informative and in-depth address by the inestimable Tony Award-winning Finn Ross.  The afternoon rounds out with a panel discussion by the artists involved in the LUMA Festival. To close the symposium, we will gather for a light reception before heading out to experience the wonder that is the LUMA Festival.

The inaugural Digital Media Symposium is made possible in part by 7thSense Design as Silver level sponsor.

Registration is strictly limited, so make sure you register today to have a reserved spot for this extraordinary event! Registration will close August 19.

Use coupon code 7thSenseUSITT to secure $50.00 off the registration fee.