“Stage 48: Script to Screen” Studio Tour, Warner Bros.

friends studio tour

Warner Brother’s revamped studio tour “Stage 48: Script to Screen” opened with a celebrity laden red carpet event. 7thSense Delta Media Servers are used throughout the tour including the Central Perk coffee house set from friends where guests can re-enact their favourite scenes and watch them played back on the big screen..

Experience designers Thinkwell Group’s Steve Swift says: “Guests are acting out their scene in Friends numerous times a day. People are mesmerized with a huge curved projection screen (4 projectors with Delta™ blend/warp). 7thSense also powers the simulation of a re-recording stage”.

Delta Media Servers across the product range were supplied for the attraction including Delta Duos, Trios, Nucleus and Infinity models enabling fully Uncompressed media playback in many areas of the experience with the interactive attractions incorporating a number of Delta Media Server’s features such as Warp, Blend, Live Capture and Live Recording

  • Country: USA
  • Date: May 2015
  • Installation Partners: Electrosonic