Stack Signage

The Stack Signage module serves as an advanced content management system and digital signage management solution primed for the unique and stringent needs of large-format digital signage, live event and paid display installations, where timing, content delivery and management, reporting and alignment to commercial goals are critical.

Superior multi-display, content and digital signage management system:

• Defines display characteristics and media content
• Compact and efficient
• Allows for multiple screens and content layouts
• Allows for manual and automated scheduling of media content
• Assigns and re-assigns servers to specific screens in live mode
• No limit to the number of layers, amount of content or number of displays

Unrivalled Content and Digital Signage Management Quality:

• Provides fine, granular control of scheduling with frame-level accuracy
• Advanced Delta system features included for complex video and imaging requirements
• Timecode chase, multiple screens, 3D video mapping, mesh mode and more…
• Traditional time-lined show control interface for scheduling content

Dedicated Fail-Proof Solution:

• Full redundancy
• Hot backup mode for media players and scheduler server

Commercial and Business Use:

• Automated proof of performance for advertisers including webcam capture of screen from the outside
• Automatic scheduling of advertising and paid content to meet contractual agreements
• Detailed HTML reporting of played content and proof of performance

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