Stack Connect

Stack Connect is a real-time I/O manager and external show control builder, designed to allow for node-based, drag-and-drop visual programming.

This application builder offers real-time control of Delta from many popular I/O devices such as Kinect®, Leap Motion®, Phidget® I/O devices and TCPIP.

Stack Connect can remove the requirement for an external show controller, and can be incredibly powerful.

Features & Applications:

  • Add simplicity to your timeline control via robust physical button inputs.
  • Security or tamper avoidance via near-field RFID triggering, or even personalised / language specific media playback.
  • Sophistication via motion based triggering rather than traditional looping.
  • Intelligence & audience participation from audience voting systems.
  • Multiple Phidgets® can be added to single connect environment for audience voting systems.
  • Connect can run from control PC and communicate with multiple Delta Media Servers.
  • Features all the necessary tools to scale and manipulate input data for use as global variables which may be used by sequences and external controls.


  • Real-time timeline / sequence triggering from wide range of off the shelf input components; IR beams, pressure pads,light sensors, microphones, buttons, knobs and sliders etc.


  • Seamless interaction with open / closed 0v-5v contacts, automatic door systems, and fake snow blowers.

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