• StackCaptioning

    Browser-based captioning system for Delta Media Server providing automatic audio and/or visual captioning for rides and attractions

StackCaptioning is browser-based captioning system for Delta Media Server. It provides automatic audio and/or visual captioning for rides and attractions, on Android devices: tablets, smart glasses, or similar mobile devices.

Typical Applications

Theatres with devices available in all seats. A trigger is sent from the Delta Media Server to all devices as the show begins, to initiate the captions.

Dark rides with devices provided on request. An operator will put the device into start mode as they hand it to the user, which means the device will start listening on the network for when the first scene starts, and each scene thereafter.


  • Provides visual and audio captioning, triggered by the Delta show timeline
  • Uses mp3 audio files, and Android devices for text captions
  • Multiple language facility and Unicode character support
  • Full offline configuration and previewing
  • Live caption broadcast facility

New for 2020

  • Device access for users of Epson glasses can be restricted.
  • Optional navigation bar on Android devices.
  • Improved Unicode support for multi-language capability and content sources.
  • Live caption broadcast.