Room on the Broom, Chessington World of Adventures

room broom chessington 7thsense
room broom chessington 7thsense
room broom chessington 7thsense

‘Room on the Broom – A Magical Journey’, is a new, interactive walk-through attraction at the UK theme park and zoo, Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

Media servers played a key role in maintaining the illusion of an immersive experience, as Mike Ross of BlueBox Attractions explains: “We’re using 7thSense media servers for the more complex projections and multi-channel projection displays.’

Being able to make updates and tweaks on the fly was crucial to the project, with frequent updates and changes to the media needed to be made promptly.

Ross clarifies: “It’s very easy to make quick updates and tweaking in terms of the way that their GUI interface works. It’s all timeline based so when the content was updated, we were able to just slice it and dice it in the server rather than having to go edit somewhere else and then bring it back in. It gave us flexibility with how we were able to deliver more complex media.

“We can play with the rest by adding loops or jumping around and it just gave us the control that we needed.”

Chessington turned to Sarner International to undertake AV and show design, using its technical magic and a touch of spatial imagination to get the different rooms to work.

Andrew Porter, creative lead for Chessington, says: “We wanted to immerse children and families into the story books, it was really important that the story that is read to children is physically experienced, meeting the wonderful characters and creating that emotional connection.”

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  • Country: UK
  • Date: 2019
  • Installation Partners: Sarner, BlueBox Attractions