Pico is a powerful media server in compact form – capable of a single output of uncompressed 4K 8-bit 4:2:2 playback at 60 fps, or up to 3 individual outputs of 2K 8-bit 4:4:4 at 30 fps – all from a solution with micro dimensions of just 145 × 152 × 44 mm and a weight of 1.4 kg.

It’s ideal for wall displays, multiple and small-scale installations, as well as mobile installations – all of which demand uncompressed playback from a minimal footprint solution that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Designed for full installation flexibility, Pico comes with all the capability of Delta Media Server – packing a wide range of features despite its small size.

Pico is a versatile alternative to large centralised servers and can be mounted locally without a need for extensive wiring or rack space. Its low-noise cooler makes it unobtrusive, even in quiet environments.