Delta Media Server : Infinity

Infinity is our most powerful media server with a vast range of hardware and software options, designed to meet the demands of some of the most prestigious displays in the world.

Infinity is the cutting-edge in uncompressed media serving, capable of playing up to 16K 60fps uncompressed video and offering passive and active stereo 3D, a full range of display matching, interactivity and control features, potential for many video / audio outputs and huge internal / external storage capability.

Infinity pushes performance level to a new high. Our flagship server now has the option to be fitted with the latest NVMe disk technology to deliver these benefits:

  • Fully uncompressed high bit-depth media playback at 8K x 4K 60p 10bit from a single server.
  • 4-disk architecture.
  • HDR and HFR ready.
  • Complete disk redundancy option available.
  • Raid7th (Patent Pending) ensures uninterrupted playback during disk failure, coupled with live hot-swap and automated data regeneration architecture.
  • Pixel-accurate synchronisation including full video genlock between servers.
  • Fully 3D interactive mesh mode which provides the necessary flexibility to create complex projection mapping onto objects or buildings.
  • Unique fulldome mode for live events or planetaria

Applications – the broadest range:

  • Flat Plane – Video walls, tiled displays, dark rides, flat screens, bezel compensation
  • Fulldome – Planetaria, dark rides with domes, flying theatres
  • Mesh – Complex building projection mapping, multi surface projection

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