Biomuseo in Panama City

Electrosonic designed, fabricated and installed audio-visual systems in one of the most unique museums in the world, the Biomuseo in Panama City, Panama. Situated on the Amador Causeway, at the entrance to the Panama Canal in Latin America’s only Frank Gehry-designed building, the Biomuseo will offer eight permanent art and science galleries on the origin of the isthmus and its impact on the planet’s biodiversity.

The gallery leads to the appropriately titled Panamarama Theatre, a three-story, cube-shaped projection space where ten screens, on all sides and above and below a glass ceiling and floor, immerse visitors in the natural wonders of the country’s ecosystems. They watch as stunning nature cinematography shows leaf cutter ants marching under the floor, a lush jungle trail, a down river sailing expedition, a beautiful Pacific Ocean beach and the underwater domain of whales.

“None of the screens are parallel or perpendicular,” says Calver. “They are hung at different angles and in different directions, so we used Panasonic projectors and custom mirror bounce mechanisms from Elliott Metal Fabrication to display the images.” Kubik provided the screens.

The image playback, along with warping, masking, positioning and audio playback, was accomplished with a custom 10-channel 7thSense HD server. The video presentation is driven from a custom, 10-channel 7thSense video server and QSC audio system. A Medialon touch panel manages visitor flow and show operation.

  • Country: Panama
  • Date: August 2015
  • Installation Partners: Electrosonic