Paper – Media Delivery: Uncompressed vs. Compression

This white paper by 7thSense Founder, Ian MacPherson, examines the case for uncompressed media delivery in the context of large format, ultra-high resolution displays.

Visual impact and a perceived sense of experiential reality is critical for most entertainment and visitor attraction applications, where the media producer expects their content to be experienced by audiences with a level of detail and clarity as was intended, and the audience expects to be immersed in an experience that far exceeds that currently achievable in the home. In this white paper, we identify the different types of compression, and the reasons for (and issues with) visual artefacts and the impact this can have on the workflow process and audience experience. We also examine contributing and conflicting factors to the argument, including budget, display capability, storage limitations, logistics, format incompatibility and workflow stability.

View and download the full technical white paper here

Media Delivery: Uncompressed vs. Compression Image