Introducing Delta 2.6

Ultimate performance real-time, high bit-depth & HFR capture, 3D-depth compositing & advanced projection mapping features added to our powerful media engine.

Since 2004, we’ve been designing and manufacturing media serving technologies that bring displays and experiences to life with advanced media management and playback of high resolution, high frame rate, high bit-depth media onto any shape or size display or object.

The latest Delta release promises a powerful, configurable and intuitive media management and playback engine solution for the best display performance.

Our solutions can be found in thousands of installations worldwide. Chosen for many of the world’s most challenging and complex displays from theme parks and digital planetariums to large-scale projection mapped buildings and live events, the award-winning Delta Media Server range of solutions can take any media onto any display surface with the greatest dependability and the very best results.

What’s New? Major New Features of Delta 2.6

High bit-depth and high frame rate (HFR) fully uncompressed capture

  • 10-bit 4:4:4 capture.
  • 8-bit capture to 120fps.

Real-time tracking – OptiTrack tracking integration for projection mapped applications

Delta Media Server now supports OptiTrack 3D tracking systems – OptiTrack integration within Delta is as simple as attaching a movement node to a model.

A 3D model in a virtual scene is tied to a tracking beacon and will then move in direct correlation with the physically tracked object, with low latency and all the high precision of the OptiTrack system.

Delta Media Server’s Mesh Mode workflow allows the user to not only directly track the incoming data directly. You can also invert, reassign and scale the incoming data to achieve your desired outcome. This can even be done dynamically through Delta Media Server’s powerful Sequence Editing capability.

Many models and nodes can be used in the system depending on the specification of the server and camera tracking system.

Scalable Display Technologies 16-bit blends

New 16-bit blends designed to support HDR pipeline for incredible contrast and smoother blends at any resolution.

NDI Preview for confidence monitoring

Network Device Interface (NDI) technology enables users to connect over IP to enable a preview output of the server’s live video for confidence monitoring.

3D model editing enhancements

Users can now move and manipulate separate groups of vertices independently.

Read-only Windows file system support

Protect your server’s configuration files from accidental changes.

Delta Media Server range now supports ST 2110 and ST 2022

Proton, Nucleus and Infinity Media Servers now support video over IP using ST 2110 and ST 2022 standards.

Using 10GbE and 25GbE interfaces, multi-channel IP inputs and outputs are possible with resolutions up to 4K over the 10GbE solution and up to 4 x UHD on the 25 GbE option.

A departure from the point to point nature of traditional video connectivity such as DisplayPort and SDI this new method of connectivity brings an exciting opportunity for systems designers, creative minds and now IT Infrastructure designers alike.

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