Helping to Supply Water to Community in Need in Africa

As a business, we are keen to support charity and fundraising initiatives and to encourage our staff to take part in community and charitable events and endeavours.

Just recently we received news that an AquaAid Elephant Water Pump funded by our company is now in full operation in Africa – and they even sent us a photo!

The Elephant Pump is based on a 2000 year-old Chinese design that the CEO of The Africa Trust, Ian Thorpe, adapted to make it stronger, more durable and made and maintained using materials that are locally available in remote rural sub-Saharan African communities.

The Elephant Pump was awarded the St Andrews Medal for the Environment in 2005, competing against 250 other applicants. Prince Charles, a patron for the St Andrews Medal, gave a personal recommendation towards this option of water extraction:

Learn more about the Elephant Pump here