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Display Questions
Please provide the model if available:(projector, LCD/TV, LED wall processor, etc.)
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Please provide the model if available:
What is the format of each connection?
What is the surface type?
If this is a video wall, what is the video wall array/matrix layout?
If blended, what is the estimated overlap in pixels or percent?
If projection, what is the shape of the surface?
Media Questions
What is the overall desired canvas resolution?
What is the media frame rate?
Is the application only straight playback - play, stop, go to marker, play, rewind - or something more dynamic?
What is the total estimated length of show (in minutes) for movie storage?
Control Questions
What input and output control requirements do you have?
Please list any particularly challenging control requirements:
Audio Questions
How many channels of audio output do you require?
What is your preferred audio connection method?
Environmental Factors
Where will this equipment be installed? (Hint: front-to-back cooling, clean, a/c controlled room required for optimal performance!)
Purchasing, Training, Commissioning Questions
What company will be purchasing this equipment or services?
Will the purchasing company be providing full integrated resale services on this project? (Definition: resale to an end user, physical installation, wiring, commissioning, show programming, first line of support for the product)
If this does not describe the purchaser’s role, please describe their role here:
Who is the end user/site/venue?
Please provide a unique Project Name we can reference it by (even a code name):
Was there a previous design discussion or this same project, perhaps with a consultant? If so, please provide the name of any design consultant involved, and the 7thSense quote number (ENQ #) and/or any part names/configuration details provided by the designer. (This will aid tremendously in getting you a fast quote, and getting the exact correct configuration that the designer intended.)
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What country will 7thSense be shipping this hardware to?
And in what country ultimately will the installation or event be?
Do you have any dates yet for:
A) Purchase Order?
B) Delivery deadline (please note that our general worst case lead time is 4 weeks from PO, but certainly speak to us if there’s a rush)
C) Site commissioning start/completion
Do you, or anyone else in your company, have prior experience using Delta Media Server? If so, great! Please provide names of the individuals who would be supporting this project:
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If not, we strongly recommend training for new users. Would you like to schedule some training? At our UK/Detroit/Orlando Offices, or at your office/site?
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Are you interested in any services from us? (For instance, commissioning support, extended warranty, advanced replacement unit service)
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Any further Comments:
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If you have any drawings, diagrams or media samples relevant to your enquiry, please attach them here