Discover Delta Media Server

Many applications require a high quality source of imagery which is matched to the particular display system. From projected 3D cinema, fulldome, and digital signage installations to visitor attractions, Delta Media Server is that source; a fully uncompressed video server, capable of immense flexibility in matching any display configuration.

Delta Media Server scales all the way from small form factor single HD playback to 2,3,4,6,8, 12 and 16-output fully uncompressed video servers with frame-accurate editing, live video input, 3D stereo capability, UltraHD, 4K60 and 4K 120 fps over DVI, 4K 60 fps over SDI plus 8K 60 fps and 16K 60 fps capability and the fundamental flexibility of real-time composition with built-in effects, and real-time warp and blend.

True Uncompressed Serving
A Delta server’s high performance is founded on today’s ultra fast hard disks allowing streaming of up to uncompressed 4:4:4 media, important for large scale displays and ensuring the highest possible quality.

Real-time Show Control
Delta has fully real-time composition of media, allowing you to alter the show or display configuration interactively with live feedback on-screen, perfect for live event production.

Beyond HD resolution
A single Delta Media Server has multiple outputs, each with native-resolution media in any aspect or resolution. All graphics resolutions are accepted, including SD, HD, 4K 60 fps, 8K, 16K or even dome master fisheyes in 4K.

Multiple Channel Outputs
Each Delta server can produce up to twelve warped and blended outputs. Multiple Delta Media Servers can also be synchronised together into a larger group, providing incredible pixel counts for large format displays.

Match Any Display
Delta Media Server is capable of driving flat panel arrays (including panel orientation and bezel management), curved screen projection, full hemispheric 2D or 3D projection mapping onto buildings and other shapes.

Ultimate Flexibility
Delta Media Server’s interactive, frame-accurate editing allows the ultimate in flexibility during show creation. With real-time composition of layers, mix moving and still imagery with audio and effects live on-screen.

We understand that every project is unique and so our team will recommend the most suitable server from the range and then apply any customisation you might need. Since we always build our products to order and to specification, we’re able to design new or custom features and tailor the configuration for its application.

This means you’ll always have the performance and features you do need, and you won’t pay for the things you don’t.