This year we drove displays on 7 booths – plus our own.

In numbers?…

…we served OVER seven billion pixels every single second (7,067,370,000 to be precise) on other booths!

Just the servers on our booth alone were capable of driving ten billion nine hundred eighty-one million seven hundred eighty-five thousand six hundred (10,981,785,600) EVERY SECOND

7thSense at ISE 2020: Highlights

Juggler and Delta Media Server

Delta Media server was used across the booth to drive projection and LED wall displays. A pair of Delta Infinity Media Servers were used, in conjunction with Juggler, to provide a dynamic and controllable video wall system with a canvas size of 16K x 4K. 

On the video wall we used Juggler to bring in HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 feeds, including a low latency (1ms) live camera feed. The camera feed was also fed in and out of a Delta Media Server with a Notch special effect.

Juggler also demonstrated our IntelligentSource automated failover system – and a Pico Media Server ran a Unity application with embedded IntelligentSource data in the video feed. Manually simulating an interruption in a video feed caused Juggler to dynamically switch the incoming video feed over to a Sony Playstation.

The Juggler control software, Compere, was on show at our booth. It’s simple-to-use user interface with NDI feeds show which inputs and outputs are live and where they are located on the Output canvas.

The Visualise feature of Compere was demonstrated. Due for release as a standalone pre-visualisation tool later in 2020, visitors saw the 7thSense ISE booth with live NDI feeds shown on a model of the booth.      

Find out more about Juggler

New for ISE 2020: NanoX

Introducing our new NanoX Media Server this ISE – a 1RU media server capable of uncompressed playback up to 4096 × 2160 60 fps 4:2:2 in 10-bit colour.

NanoX builds on the performance of our Pico server by adding one card-expansion slot which can be fitted with an upgraded graphics processor, allowing for up to 10-bit colour (unrivalled performance from a 1RU server!), or up to 4 × DP/HDMI/DVI HD-grade outputs, up to 4 × genlockable SDI outputs, or SMPTE 2110.

As part of the Delta Media Server product family, the NanoX is operated in the same programming environment as the other chassis types, and builds on the same core feature set.

NanoX will be shipping from Summer 2020.

Find out more about NanoX here

Preview at ISE 2020: Delta 2.7

Due for release in Q1 2020, Delta 2.7 brings many new features to Delta Media Server. SMPTE ST 2110 input and output is fully supported. Delta Media Server utilises multiple 25GB/s connections, supporting formats up to 4k 10-bit. Along with SMPTE ST 2110, Delta Media Server will also bring support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) a networking solution for timecode chasing and frame sync.

Delta 2.7 supports HDR encoded outputs building on its 12-bit capable render pipeline. Also new for 2.7 is Intelligent source, our method for encoding and decoding metadata within a video stream for smart switching and error detecting. All new 12-bit file formats in various colour spaces are now supported.

A new projection mapping workflow and toolset is coming to Delta 2.7.

7thSense Compere will become the new UI for configuring projection mapping systems, offering a comprehensive 3D scene visualisation, and new tools such as auto-blend calculation, advanced 3D calibration and integrated third-party projection mapping camera calibration tools.

Delta Media Servers could also be found driving displays on seven 7thSense Design partner booths at ISE:

Absen – booth 12-C50

digiLED – booth 12-C120

IHSE – booth 10-N189

Jenoptik – booth 14-H90

Leyard – booth 12-H100

Navitar – booth 1-Q110

Sony – booth 1-N20