Introducing Multiple New System & Hardware Features at ISE 2018

Since 2004, we have been designing and manufacturing media serving technologies that bring displays and experiences to life with advanced media management and playback of high resolution, high frame rate, high bit-depth media onto any shape or size display or object.

Our media engine solutions can be found in thousands of installations worldwide. Chosen for many of the world’s most challenging and complex displays from theme parks and digital planetariums to large-scale projection mapped buildings and live events, the award-winning Delta Media Server range of solutions can take any media onto any display surface with the greatest dependability and the very best results.

At ISE 2018, our new features and on-stand demonstrations highlight the strengths of Delta as a flexible, configurable media management and playback engine that handles all pixel and audio processing to guarantee the best display performance. 

Ultimate performance real-time, VR, 3D-depth compositing, custom audio mapping and pre-visualisation are all key themes at this year’s show.

New for ISE 2018

This year 7thSense will be demonstrating Delta Media Server’s extensive capabilities in addition to media playback and management. Visitors to the 7thSense ISE stand 12-A64 will experience hands-on demonstrations including:

  • New Delta Media Server disk technology option
    With up to 50% more disk performance from a single server resulting in simpler server configurations for large channel count and high performance systems.
  • BackPack
    A new GUI for distributing files around a set of Delta Servers giving users full control and management over multiple servers from a single server location.
  • Sneak preview of the next generation DeltaGUI
    The new look, more intuitive interface to manage Delta Servers. The powerful DeltaGUI also provides direct access to a detailed configuration of all servers and handles warping and blending of all display channels, compositing multiple sources, display configuration and management, spline editing, mesh editing and dome projector layout design.
  • DeltaVR
    Delta Media Server is integrated with a number of industry virtual reality (VR) headsets including StarVR®, HTC VIVE®, OCULUS Rift, and any other headset supported by the OpenVR platform. This feature can be used for display system pre-visualisation and analysis, and is ideal for multi-user VR experiences and attractions.
  • Pre-Visualisation
    A powerful feature for creating, visualising and configuring entire systems.
  • Offline Mode
    Allowing users to create and configure shows without the need for Delta Server hardware.
  • 12-bit REC2020 colour support
  • Powerful Capture
    Matrox SDI output (64-bit) with support 12G-SDI and SFP direct fibre from the server.
  • Advanced timeline programming
  • Custom audio mapping with DeltaAudio

Powerful, Multi-Capability 8K Demo

Delta Media Server has been designed by experts in display systems who have been involved in projects utilising every type of projected and fixed-matrix type of display system from major theme park dark rides to large screen Hollywood cinemas and multi-channel digital planetariums to 6,000 seat theatres and full-scale building projection for mass audiences.

The 7thSense stand will also feature a powerful, multi-capability 8K demonstration – all running from a single Infinity Media Server. Visitors can see Infinity powering a stunning 8K x 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 60FPS display while also driving a picture-in-picture preview output of DeltaVR with a StarVR® headset.

Where else to see Delta Media Server at ISE 2018?

Nine Delta Media Servers can also be found driving displays on four 7thSense Design partner stands at this year’s show:

See you there

Come and see us at Integrated Systems Europe 2018 in RAI Amsterdam from 6-9 February.

Register for free now using code 911531 and join us at Stand 12-A64 to discover our technologies and meet the 7thSense team.