Manufacturing Innovation, Ford Rouge Factory Tour at The Henry Ford Museum

Manufacturing Innovation is a multimedia experience located at the Ford Rouge Factory Tour in the Henry Ford.

This 10-minute show combines multiple screens with projection mapping and factory automation robots to create an impressive and dimensional story that follows the creation of an F150 truck from initial design through manufacturing and on to testing and finally customer delivery.

The show utilizes seven screens that wrap around the audience with a lift at the front of the theatre to surprise guests with a white form F150 truck that rises up and is subsequently “built,” “welded” and “painted” by combining mapped projections in synchronization with industrial robot arms that appear to be affecting the white form of the truck. It is a clever and excellent way to use the mapped projection technique in a brand experience story of manufacturing all for $4.1m.

The exceptional combination of custom produced media synchronized and choreographed across seven screens with the technique of mapped projection integrated with industrial robots turns a corporate media presentation into a multimedia spectacular that leaves guests excited about manufacturing innovation. With great music, theatrical lighting, carefully choreographed projection and robotics, guests get an up-close view as a pick-up truck seemingly comes together right before their eyes and is a real “wow.”

  • Country: USA
  • Date: January 2015
  • Installation Partners: BRC Imagination Arts