Angry Birds 4D Experience, Thorpe Park

7thSense Design delivered its Delta® Media Server to a 4D theatre at one of the UK’s largest theme parks, Thorpe Park. The Angry Birds 4D effects theatre, part of the new Angry Birds Land, was developed and supplied by Simworx.

The 326-seat 4D theatre sits at the heart of a 4,000 sq metre area in the theme park, near London, built exclusively for the famous international game and brand, ‘Angry Birds’. The multi-sensory experience offers visitors a custom-produced 4D film and in-theatre special effects including wind, smell, water, leg ticklers, bubbles, smoke and catapult simulating seats to create an ‘in-game’ experience for park-goers.

UK-based Simworx was contracted to create and install the 4D experience by park operator Merlin Entertainments and Finnish company, Rovio Entertainment.

7thSense Design supplied a dual-head Delta Media Server with passive stereo 3D output to power the projection system. A further audio server with 8-channel output was also supplied to support a fully immersive and integrated experience.

Terry Monkton, Managing Director at Simworx explained, “Using Delta for the Angry Birds attraction at Thorpe Park was an easy decision for us; in fact Delta is at the very core of all our AV designs which cover anything from a 4D theatre to a multi-channel Immersive Tunnel. The scalable hardware platform has really removed the technological barriers that existed just a couple of years ago, allowing us to create incredibly high resolution canvasses to play with in our new system designs; this, coupled with the ability to serve fully uncompressed TGA sequenced movies at high frame rates, means no loss of image quality and no file conversion requirement either, making the entire workflow simple for the creative team. The 7thSense team is also very receptive to feedback and new feature requests are incorporated rapidly; the level of support is second to none.”

  • Country: UK
  • Date: July 2014
  • Installation Partners: Simworx