3D Stereo

3D Stereo projection provides the extra dimension to immerse viewers in the storyline and since the mass take-up of 3D technology, content creators have become ever more skilful at deploying the right amount of 3D to enhance the viewer’s perception.

Delta supports the following stereo modes:

  • Passive Stereo (inexpensive polarised glasses / one projector per eye + non depolarising screen)
  • Passive Stereo (inexpensive Infitec glasses / one projector per eye)
  • Active Stereo (active shutter glasses / single active 3D projector)
  • Anaglyph (inexpensive red/blue glasses, any projector)
  • Chequerboard Passive Stereo (typically used in 3D LED screen)

In addition, the following 3D-relevant features are provided;

  • 3D Content as separate left / right eye movies
  • 3D Content as single side-by-side or top-bottom movie
  • Create anaglyph stereo in real-time from non-anaglyph content
  • 3-pin DIN active stereo output (model dependent)
  • Multi-rack synchronisation supports multiple active or passive 3D projectors
  • 3D fulldomes are supported